In the Flattery family, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: The in-laws, who married in, and the outlaws, who had no choice. These are their stories, as told by someone who walked up hill to school. Both ways. Barefoot.



At or around the same time that Albert Einstein declared E=mc², the New York City Police Department thought it would be a good idea to ordain Henry Flattery as an officer in its detective division. You’ll never believe what happens next!




Modus Operandi

A Great Day for the Irish

Henry Flattery lost his Titanic ticket in a poker game and ended up taking the next passage out of Ireland.   Learn More

The Speed of Light

Starting out as a bicycle cop who ticketed over-parked horse buggies, Henry Flattery quickly moved up to Detective Captain during NYC’s most notorious decades. Learn More


Take the Cannoli

He told me to tell you you could have everything you want and do everything you want as long as you take good care of the kids.
Learn More

Flip the Switch

Henry Flattery’s career was sparked by a torrid affair between a neglected housewife and a corset salesman that resulted in  a bungled murder and a shock seen throughout the world.

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