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Sounds of Politics: Clashing Themes

A version of this article appears in print on March 9, 2006, Section A, Page 22 of the National edition with the headline: Sounds of Politics: Clashing Themes.

To the Editor:

Why can’t Democratic candidates for Congress see what’s right in front of their faces?

Out here in the heartland, there is a yearning for Democratic and Republican lawmakers to reduce their extreme partisanship, look for common ground instead of attacking one another, and start working together to solve some of the problems that affect us all.

Years of slash-and-burn politics for selfish or ideological reasons have exhausted the patience of the nation and driven down its faith in government to get things done for the public good.

The first party to cool down its rhetoric and, instead, offer an action plan that appeals to “the better angels of our nature” by including a sincere effort to recognize and address the concerns of the other side will sweep the next election.

James H. Bissland

Trish’s Thesis Advisor, 1984
Bowling Green OH



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