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I Helped Thousands Cheat on Their SATs

If you took the SAT in the 1990s or later, chances are you are one of the 100k+ students who bought my book(s) to boost your score.  Then there are the rest of you who over-cheated and borrowed the book.  Please give it back.  Words have feelings.


Charlie (the author)  and I met underground. Literally.  We worked together at GE where they put the Corporate Communications department in the basement.  Bad idea, Jack Welch.  

Charlie and I collaborated on many GE projects.  After we both stopped bringing good things to life in Fairfield, we stayed in touch and did each other a few solids once in a while – hence this series of study guides and workbooks. We remained friends even after  Charlie started using clip art instead of me.  Both Charlie’s son Shaun and my son Sean  were born while we were working on these books.  Look for  some “Easter eggs” about the boys. 



Using visual images, this book builds a bridge between unfamiliar words and simple meaning. 

Over 100 Hand Drawn Illustrations

Identifies Traps

Provides pronunciation, parts of speech, and sample sentences

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40 point

Increase in SAT Score

Meghan O’Connor (Stanford BS, 2001; Yale, CNM 2004) attributes her 40 point increase in her SAT verbal score to Aunt Trish’s doodles.

Occasionally I’ll come up with something worth pursuing, but those successes are few and far between. So while the name of this page may appear to reflect modesty, it is really an exaggeration. Mostly.