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Spring Break 1984

March 28, 1984


The Editor
BG News

Dear Editor:


     I would like to thank all of the BG students who sent me postcards from Florida over the break.  ‘Sounds like all of you were having a wonderful time, and I appreciate the invitation to join you next year. Some of you wanted to know how Chuck and Di were in Great Britain: I regret to say they wouldn’t let me in because all I wanted to talk about was the Hockey Team, and besides as the cartoon in the BG News noted, they didn’t like my orange blazer.

  Thanks for writing. I will be seeing you around the campus. 



                      Paul J. Olscamp







President Obama Speaks on the Shooting in Connecticut

He mispronounced “Newtown” (new-ton), but we forgive him.

Trigger Warning



Superstorm Sandy Leaves Newtown Powerless

Hurricane Sandy was a late-season October 2012 cyclone of considerable size and unique characteristics that are most commonly found in young crisis actors.

Trigger Warning



Consigning Democrats to Hell

This letter appeared in the Mother’s Day edition of the Newtown Bee. It contains everything the conspiracy theorists don’t want you to know. 

Trigger Warning








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