Captain Flattery

NYPD  1915 – 1951

The legacy continues in its most sincere form.

– Case Description

At or around the time Albert Einstein declared “ee ekwalz em cee skwaird!”, the New York City Police Department ordained Henry Flattery as an officer in its detective division. With one hand on the bible and two in the air, it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship…relatively speaking, that is.  

Around the Horn

When Ireland finally established home rule in 1912, Henry Flattery packed up his old kit bag to set sail from Cork to New York. His 17th birthday was coming up and he wanted to celebrate it at sea. In anticipation of what lay ahead and in deference to what he was leaving behind, the good lad went to confession. As the other parishioners nervously kneaded their rosaries, baking their sins in silence, young Heni stepped into the box and insisted on getting his money’s worth. 

The Titanic had left by the time he got out.

Thus, his penance began on the Laconia – just in time to see the moon pass between the sun and himself. 

April 15th is a great day for the Irish. 

Follow the Paw Prints

On the scene at the Bates Motel in Lewiston, Maine, looking for a creative outlet. 

– Henry Flattery’s Granddaughter






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