Volume III, 1954 – 1955


Predictive Analytics

This letter appeared in The Newtown Bee just before the Sandy Hook Massacre. It contains everything the conspiracy theorists don’t want you to know.

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Thank You, Gentlemen

In recent issues, the CONCORDIAN has had occasion to point with mixture of disappointment and anger to what appeared to be the indifference of town officials to the obvious danger of children and untended fires, one official said, quite simply, “Tell the children to keep away.”

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Much Ado About Something

In the news pages of this issue, you will find a complete report of Reporter Pat Cleary’s investigation into the matter of the unused foundations and the trash piles in and around them.

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Mr. Siegel Makes a Point

We have told the story as it happened and was told to us and have tried not to put editorial emphasis on any of the facts. Nevertheless, the facts themselves seem so crystal clear that in their light, Mr. Siegel comes off as a man with a job to do.

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Foundations Become Town Issue

I am the “West Islip Woman” mentioned by Newsday; My investigation and subsequent copies were made as a CONCORDIAN reporter trying to get to the bottom of a diffuse and dirty situation. Read further for a better understanding of what has happened and what follows…

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In response to a letter from the CONCORDIAN outlining the hazards of the unused foundations and asking for help in protecting Concord villagers therefrom, the Long Island Home Builders Institute, Inc., has just replied to CONCORDIAN reporter Pat Cleary as follows:

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Come Out of the Basement

And how did the CONCORDIAN fare during the 365 days just past? Well, we may have better years in the future, but if we do, Henry Luce will start getting nervous.

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Meet Your Neighbor

This Month, meet the Column Editor of the Concordian, her husband, and her children. The husband — Donald Cleary. The wife — Pat Cleary. The address – 633 Alwick Avenue.

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