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The work of Steve Jobs, Adele Goldberg, Jack Welch, John Vincent Lawless Hogan, six Popes, et al. all have something in common: Trish Cleary’s DNA. Trish is media maven who, in addition to two perfect children, gave birth to the digital age with the first multimedia encyclopedia, some apps that stream throughout the world, and an LMS that’s still used in Texas.

Trish, who’s writing this in the third person, creates compelling content that engages and informs. From whimsical animations to technical documentation, and from promotional copy to classy taxonomy, Trish is a muse for all media.

Her experience spans the realms of science and imagination to bridge the cognitive dissonance between medium and message. Just don’t Google her. You’ll go blind.

If I seem a little overly sensitive, it’s on account of I was born with no skin


Don’t let 2020 be, like, 2020. 

My Spiel

I’m a left-brain analytic, right-brain creative and open-minded team player who skillfully shepherds media and messaging through our dynamic digital landscape.



As a purveyor of ethically sourced, fair trade content, I stand for something bigger than what you sell. (Bargain hunters can call Faust.)



Millions and millions of page views served. 


I cannot give you a formula for success, but I can give you a formula for failure, which is: Try to please everybody.


Education does not consist in pumping ideas and the contents of books into the brain, but it consists of the development of intuition and the bringing of the hidden memory of all knowledge already existing in the soul back into the plane of human consciousness.

I can explain.

ChatGP4 can’t compete with the eloquent ellocution of wit and sarcasm.  When executed correctly, it doesn’t matter if words are live or if they are memorex…they just need to hit the right note. 

Instructional Design



Some Pig









Be silly, be honest, be kind...rewind.