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Trish Cleary

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Where I’ve Been

Superbowl 1984

Location: Prout Hall, Bowling Green State University.
No TV. Did not see the commercial.

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Challenger Disaster

Location: 101 Merritt 7, Norwalk CT
In a meeting at National Education Training Corp.

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Jack Welch's Office

Location: 3135 Easton Turnpike, Fairfield, CT
From the boardroom to the bathroom, I know where all the dirt is.

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Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Front row seat at Bill Gates’ keynote speech courtesy of Sheldon Adelson. Bill demo’d Encarta. The system crashed and Bill mispronounced “Lead Belly.”

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Palo Alto

Location: ParcPlace Systems
Argued with Adele Goldberg over hex values. The only person to beat her in a fight was Steve Jobs.  I lost the hex.



Location: Bankers Trust, 4 World Trade Center
Architected marketing and training programs for rehypothecation. 

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Location: World Trade Center
Tested rehypothecation hypothesis. 

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Catholic Convent

Location: Maryknoll Sisters, Ossining, NY
I made Mother Teresa cry.

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Sandy Hook

Location: Newtown, CT
Re-tested Rehypothecation theory. 

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